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March 3, 2018

the web development and UX conference in Austria
Tickets available!

Let's get together

to share knowledge across programming-languages and cultures to learn new things and have fun.

It's all about the People

We invite the web development and UX community from Austria and the entire world to Salzburg. Have a brilliant and safe conference where you can meet old and new friends to expand your knowledge and horizon.

Check out .concat() 2015 to get a feeling of how cozy this conf will be 😍

The Web & UX

Come and hear talks about the wide variety of web and UX topics and its community so you can build better applications for more platforms, devices and humans. Yes – the web and its UX is definitely a great place to be in.

The Venue

We're hosted by the University of Applied Sciences in Salzburg. Not only do they have a modern building that makes for a productive, yet comfortable environment to learn, but high-quality courses with a dedicated web focus.


has lots more to offer than Mozart.

It is home to a vibrant web development community, fueled by an incredible amount of talent the University brings forth. More and more creative agencies and startups come up here and there is also an amazing coworkingspace, monthly meetups and a Barcamp.


One day, two tracks, 18 amazing speakers: Meet our 2018 line-up!

Michele Guido

Michele Guido

Master of Ceremonies

Kevin Lorenz

Kevin Lorenz

Master of Ceremonies


Two amazing instructors, one great topic: Webpack with Juho and Tobias!


This is the preliminary .concat() 2018 schedule.

  • Breakfast

    Breakfast 8:30 AM

    Yogurt bar, fresh juice, …

    A great way to start the day.

  • Keynote

    Keynote 10 AM

    Optimizing for the real world

    Consistent, good baseline performance across the entire JavaScript language is the central ingredient to a fast web.

  • Talks, Talks, Talks…

    Talks Pt. 1 11 AM

    Two tracks, two topics

    Choose either, a UX or dev talk or even switch tracks all the time.

  • Lunch

    Lunch 1 PM

    Nom, Nom, Nom.

    Delicious food served by Franz. Vegan and omnivore options available.

  • Talks, Talks, Talks…

    Talks Pt. 2 2 PM

    Two tracks, two topics

    Choose either, a UX or dev talk or even switch tracks all the time.

  • Coffee

    Caffè 4 PM

    Take a break

    We have delicious caffè, Barista style.

  • Lightning Talks

    Lightning Talks 5:30 PM

    3mins of fame

    A fun and open format for your idea, talk or whatever you have to say.

  • Closing Talk

    Closing Talk 6 PM

    Last but not least

    Listen to Sara Soueidan, closing .concat() 2018 + family picture and final notes afterwards.

  • Party

    Party 🎉 9 PM

    Studio 68 & MARK Salzburg

    From 9 PM to Sunday 4 AM. DJs, Karaoke, drinks and two awesome locations.

  • End of


include breakfast and lunch served at the venue – and a party.
If the form below is not visible or not working for you, please use this link to get your conference ticket.

Student Tickets

We want everyone who is interested to attend this conference, thus we will support students with a reduced ticket price.

90€ + VAT

Early Bird Tickets

A “thank you” to all of you early birds who trust and enable us to get this conference off the ground.

Regular Tickets

One full day of knowledge, fun and hanging out with old and new friends. That's our regular ticket.

225€ + VAT

Diversity Tickets

Free tickets for underrepresented groups in tech. Would you like to attend the conference but cannot afford the ticket?

Apply Now

Tickets are not refundable, but re-assignable.

Workshop Tickets

Friday, March 2nd

Webpack - The Good Parts

Learn Webpack in a 4hr workshop with Juho and Tobias

Late Bird: Webpack - The Good Parts

Learn Webpack in a 4hr workshop with Juho and Tobias

250€ + VAT


  • MARK Salzburg

    The MARK is an open cultur- and event center in Salzburg.

  • Studio 68

    The Studio 68 is an event location in the north of Salzburg.

Accessibility and Inclusion

Our main goal to have an inclusive event with a welcoming atmosphere.

There are a great number of accessibility issues that can hinder people from attending an event. As it is our main goal to have an inclusive event with a welcoming atmosphere, we are trying hard to remove these barriers. If there is something that keeps you away from this conference please get in touch with us so we can work this out.

  • The lounge and one track are on the ground-floor. No steps required.
  • The second track is on the first floor, accessible with two elevators. In this room only the last row is accessible without steps.
  • There are complementary tickets in case you need assistance.
  • There are Student Tickets with significantly reduced prices.
  • There is a Diversity Ticket Program to bring more people from marginalized groups to Salzburg.
  • There are meat, vegetarian and vegan meal options.
  • If you need childcare please contact us.
  • There is accessible parking around the venue.
  • Public transit available
    • Train: S3 "Puch Urstein"
    • Busline: 160 "Puch Urstein"

In case it is not immediately clear, whether you can attend due to accessibility issues, we will happily reserve you a ticket.

Code of Conduct

Our goal is to have an awesome and inclusive community-driven conference where people meet, hang out together, chat, listen to talks, exchange ideas and make new friends. Any harmful or discriminating behaviour will not be tolerated and results in the offending person being expelled from the conference.

Our complete Code of Conduct helps us to make sure that we are as inclusive and safe as we want everyone to be.

We care about you. If anything happens, please contact us.

Our Sponsors

Thank you to these great companies who are supporting us.

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Diversity Program

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Caffè Sponsor

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Food Truck Sponsor

Snacks & Drinks

We want this to be an awesome and inclusive event and we need your help to make it happen.

Up to 400 web developers from all over the world will be coming to Salzburg, Austria for the .concat() conference. And you have the unique opportunity to create meaningful connections with this diverse group. Do you …

  • want to hire highly motivated web developers,
  • consider sending your team on a great tour,
  • aim to become known in the community or
  • want to say thank you to the Salzburg and international Web Development scene?

Then .concat() is a perfect match. We would love to welcome you aboard as one of our sponsors.

Please contact us: team@conc.at

The Team

Meet the people behind .concat()

Neele Barthel

Neele Barthel


Lisi Linhart

Lisi Linhart


Hannes Moser

Hannes Moser


Bianca Leitner
Ivan Popovic
Jan Peer Stöcklmair
Patrick Obermüller
Clemens Gasser
Elias Cia
Stefan Elsenhuber
Lukas Kern
Jessica Bauer

Diversity Team

Bokan M. Assad

Bokan M. Assad

Andrea Ida Malkah Klaura

Jackie / Andrea Ida Malkah Klaura

Katta Spiel

Katta Spiel

The University of Applied Sciences in Salzburg combines academic studies with practical skills. We use current technologies and challenges from web development to teach the important concepts of computer science on both an undergraduate and graduate level.